Boracay Day 3

M and I started the day looking for a good breakfast place. We decided on Arwana, a beachfront resort that offered good breakfast. Because it was beachfront, M and I had the pleasure of having breakfast on the beach, with a good view of the waves. The waiter was very efficient, even offering the use of an umbrella when the sun became too hot.

After breakfast we met with the rep from Allan B Fun for our helmet diving. It was fun to go down into the water ala those old style divers you watch in movies like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. We were given some bread to feed the fish with and M and I had a blast seeing the fish up close. I had more fish coming to me, but M had the more colorful ones eat from her hand.

Lunch was at D’Talipapa (where you buy your own food from the market and pay the restaurant to cook it the way you want). M chose inihaw prawns while yours truly had barbecued chicken.  We had to walk quite a ways to the restaurant so the meal was a great blessing.

We had a brief nap after lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon swimming. We were in the water till we were good and tanned.


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