Bummer Weekend, Not Really

I was admitted into the emergency room of our local hospital for severe pain in my lower back. I was writhing on the floor–that’s how painful it was. When the pain subsided (a bit) asked for help and was brought to the hospital, where they confirmed, after a long and painful wait, that I had a kidney stone on my left ureter. The stone was too big (about 3mm) to be passed so it got stuck and caused the pain.

Thank God there was no need for surgery. The doctor said he was going to give me medication to “melt” the stone a bit and make the passing easier. He also said to refrain from delicious food from now on. (He was kidding. I hope.)

Several things that came to mind:

  • Thank God for my beloved M. She missed a half-day’s work when she rushed to the hospital to be by my side.  A better wife none can find. (There’s a reason why she’s called my “better half.”)
  • Thank God for people who care. I had several friends and church members who visited, called or texted(sp.) to ask if I was OK.
  • I usually drink lots of water, so I didn’t think my kidneys would be suffering anytime soon.  Turns out over thirty years of eating salty and spicy finally caught up with me.
  • HSAT, thank God for reminders to take better care of ourselves. (In my case, salty food was the culprit.) Ironically, this came after last Tuesday’s Bible study when I said that our bodies being the temple of the Holy Spirit includes, even indirectly, taking good care of our bodies.
  • Hospital food wasn’t as bad as I initially thought.
  • Cranberry juice!

I am now recuperating at home, still waiting for the stone to pass.  Eating less, too.



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