Through Suffering…

Most of you may know that I was briefly hospitalized last March 12 due to a blocked kidney stone. It started as a dull ache about seven in the morning (right after I’d dropped my beloved M of at the MRT) and became a sharp cutting pain a few minutes before lunch. The pain was so intense, I was forced to drop to the floor. After two days in the hospital, I was rushed back again last Tuesday because of worse pain. By God’s grace, I wasn’t confined this time.

My beloved M decided to take a couple of pictures while I was waiting in the ER. Believe it or not in the first picture, I was trying not to think of the pain by repeating the sixty-six books of the Bible over and over ad infinitum. (Try it some time, when you’re experiencing excruciating pain. It works, but not totally.) If I remember right, there was a pastor in the bed beside mine, and he was in for either a liver or a kidney problem, like yours truly.)

"...Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah..."

On a lighter note, what could be better than having my beloved M by my side while I was suffering?


Went to see my doctor this morning, and he said he expected the stone to have been passed by now. Just needed a little confirmation.


In the ER, part 2
M: Smile! D: No. Too painful. "...Matthew, Mark, Luke..."

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