Normally, I don’t find it endearing when a presidential candidate sings or performs a number–there’s something that I find really pedestrian about someone aspiring for the highest office displaying himself (or herself) in such a manner. However, as one politician put it, it shows that the candidates are merely human. So I don’t mind that a candidate sings, as long as he doesn’t sing his way to the top. This is a presidential race after all, and not American Idol.

HSAT, I just couldn’t resist this cute little clip of Sen. Richard Gordon dancing to the tune of The Lion Sleeps tonight with Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill (yes, those are their “names”). Though they’re not exactly officially financed to endorse a candidate, they volunteered to help Richard Gordon. Below is a screenshot from the video.

Thanks to the Philippine Daily Inquirer for pointing this out.


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