I Feel Old

I feel old when I read lists like the one below.  (I got it from nostalgiamanila, where all things 60s, 70s, and 80s are showcased.) You can go here for a more thorough list. My comments are in parentheses.

  1. Cherry Foodarama sa Shaw Boulevard: May mga Koi Fish sa labas, at yung mama sa hardware section kamukha ni Mr. Spock sa Star Trek.
  2. Choo Choo Junction malapit sa Shakey’s Greenhills. (That big train place.)
  3. Hindi pa cementado yung fountain ng Greenhills Theater.
  4. Before McDonalds meron nang Big 20 Hamburger. (Which didn’t really catch on, I think.)
  5. Malaking chismis na ang Jollibee burgers ay gawa daw sa uod. (This one I really, really do remember.)
  6. UFO Burger ng Shakey’s, served on a plate na may red na plastic dome cover na mukhang UFO.
  7. Feeding the fish sa likod ng Virramall. (This one I don’t.)
  8. Pumupunta ka sa Fun House sa loob ng Greenhills Arcade para tumingin ng Blood Capsules, o Snapping Chewing Gum, at aliw ka sa Frankenstein na nasa harap.
  9. Iron-On Station sa Unimart: Pipili ka ng T-shirt at pipili ka ng Iron-On na pinepress nila on the spot. (My mom got me one. Only wore it once because the iron-on design sticks to your chest when you sweat.)
  10. Unang tikim mo ng Orange Julius at waffledog sa Unimart.



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