The Next Few Weeks…

…will be quite hectic. There are several major activities that M and I have to finish by June.

  • Moving to a new residence. This one’s dependent on whether we find one in time (we’re currently negotiating with someone regarding some space) and whether the budget and the design both meet our expectations.  I’m quite finicky with the design issues, while M is finicky with the budget issues. Ah, the wonders of marriage!
  • New job for me.  I’ll be needing to prepare for the upcoming term in FCB. My school calendar is still incomplete, as of this writing. Or perhaps I should say, unfinished. Most of the stuff needed is there, but I still need to make refinements.
  • Perhaps a US trip for my beloved? If this pushes through, I’ll be left alone to handle the moving to the new residence part.  Hmmm.

Three activities, but very heavy ones.

On a lighter note, Bible Study again tonight. We will be tackling 1 Corinthians 8 (the latter half) and 9.



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