Going Through Things From My Childhood

In my breaks from the hectic happenings, I’m reading some stuff from my elementary school days. Here are three books that I would endorse people who love books to read.

David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens. Dickens’ quintessential work still amazes even after several readings. One of my favorite characters is slimy Uriah (I’m so ‘umble) Heep. Dickens himself once remarked that the book was his favorite from among his plethora of writings.

The Shades, by Betty Brock. This is probably my most favorite book on the non-theological side of my library. It’s the story of Hollis, an eight-year-old who befriends a group of shadows living in an old estate. I first read this in my second grade, and although the story sounds spooky, it’s really a very good read. I’m currently looking around for Brock’s other book, No Flying in the House. So far no luck.

A Bear Called Paddington, by Michael Bond. Everybody loves Paddington. Yes, everybody. I even have a Paddington Bear toy.

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