Helvetica On My Mind

Note to my beloved M: No, that’s not another girl! =)

My computer crashed a few weeks ago. I’ve had it fixed immediately and since then I’ve been busy tweaking my settings to the time PC (pre-crash). One thing that I haven’t been able to make work is a particular font setting on my computer.

Oddly, while every double check tells me that I have Helvetica installed in my computer font files, MS Word just won’t recognize it. Everything comes out Arial. Although the font comes out OK in Photoshop, I still feel a bit let down that not all my software will cooperate.

If you don’t know what the differences are between the two, please go here. (I gather from some sources that I, like many people, prefer Helvetica but we sadly have to put up with the Arial font which comes with Microsoft. Here‘s an interesting take on the cons of Arial.)

I guess for many other users the difference is too small to be of any significance, but not to me (I who have been termed as overly obsessive by my beloved M). It’s a tad annoying especially when you consider how nice and curvy the figure “2” is in Helvetica when compared to the Arial one.

Oh well.


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