Pre-Election Thoughts

No, I am not going to endorse a particular candidate.

Roughly a week before our national elections, here are some thoughts going around in my head. Quite a few of them might influence my final list of people to vote for, all the way down to the party-list level. (Note, the nicknames I use below did not originate from me.)

  • God’s will be done.
  • As of this writing, it looks like the Mama’s Boy will be our next president. That is, if we go by the survey results being imposed upon us. Unless the “Rich Boy” does something substantial, he has already lost the presidency.
  • Assuming the first point is correct, I’m half afraid Mama’s Girl (sister of Mama’s Boy) might turn out to be another Imelda Marcos.  I hope I’m wrong, though.
  • Apropos above, I have nothing personal against Mama’s Boy; he was on my shortlist of candidates for the president.
  • To those who say that they would have voted for (provide name of tail-ending candidate here) but won’t because a) it would be foolish to vote for a losing candidate, and b) Mama’s Boy will win anyway, I say: “You’re a right bunch of nitwits! You deserve to have right of suffrage taken from you because you definitely don’t deserve such liberty.”
  • I’m still voting for Richard “Amboy” Gordon despite his terrible landing in the surveys.  Noynoy may be good, but I believe Gordon is better.
  • It used to take several days (sometimes over a week) before the COMELEC declared a winner, but with the automated elections this year, I’m guessing it will only take one day before they declare a winner (and several days, maybe over a week, before the other candidates drop their “I’ve been cheated” spiel and finally congratulate him.
  • Whatever happened to the Tomboy’s declaration that she will go on fast unless certain of her conditions are met?
  • Writing down a list of senators to be elected is really mentally draining.
  • Want to go swimming after the elections. (No, not in a sea of garbage…)
  • Life will go on.



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