More Pre-Election Thoughts

It is now May 7, 2010. In four days, my countrymen and I will be electing a new president. God willing, we will have a president who will lead the nation into progress. Or at the very least pave the way or lay the foundation for that national progress.

The surveys may seem to indicate that Mama’s Boy will be the next president. Considering however that the people who conducted the surveys surveyed only around six thousand people (from a voting population of above forty million), declaring a potential winner is at this point pointless.

I do believe that some of the candidates coming in last in the surveys still have a chance to win. I’m talking about Amboy (who will have my vote), and Rich Boy (who I don’t mind winning).

I believe the call for “people power” by Mama’s Boy should he lose (for him, losing = being cheated) is both irresponsible and irrational. I believe those who echo his call for uprising are also irresponsible and irrational. In a country where losing candidates all complain of cheating, what rationale does Mama’s Boy have that getting a high percentage approval rating from six thousand people is indicative of the approval of the majority of hte nation? Six thousand respondents is not even one percent of the voting populace!

If Mama’s Boy thinks that the “huge crowds” that greeted him on his campaign sorties as proof that he is the  people’s choice, he should think again. “Huge crowds” are always expected when famous people visit. All the other candidates also claim huge crowds. Granted, it may mean that that enough millions really do want him for president, but not necessarily.

Please note that I am not dissing Mama’s Boy for the sake of dissing Mama’s Boy. If he is elected, then I will wholeheartedly embrace him (figuratively, of course) as the new president. I will pray for him as God has commanded me to in his word. I will honor him as benefits his office. I will not be like others who foolishly declare, “So-and-so is not MY president because I didn’t vote for him.”  My only worry is that he has let the results of the survey go to his head. (And maybe his sister.)

God willing, we will have a new president come Tuesday. God willing, this country can now start progress.



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