My beloved M and I had breakfast with one of our friends–let’s call her M2– this morning. We met so that I could entrust to her half of my comic book collection. The other half has already been in her care for the past two years. Since M and I are moving to a much smaller house, I thought it best to leave my comic books to someone who will actually care for them.

While waiting for M2, I managed to hear snippets of conversation from the ladies at the table next to us.  (Before people get ethical on me, I heard the conversation, I wasn’t intentionally listening to the conversation. There’s a difference.) They were discussing Benigno Aquino III, our soon to be president. One of the ladies mentioned quite emphatically that Noynoy, as he’s called, was a homosexual. The reason being that men who haven’t married by the time they’re fifty are definitely gay.

I found the remark humorous because earlier in the conversation (again, heard not listened to) they were talking about how their priest gave a good homily during a recently concluded mass.

Don’t priests remain single? Does that mean they are all gay?

I don’t know if our new president is gay or not. I don’t really care at this point. Maybe he’s too busy to settle down, something which is descriptive of many other people. The problem is when we try to generalize too much and simplify things too much at the same time.

Food for thought.



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