This Might Be Trivializing…

I know I might be trivializing this in some way, but what the hey…. Below is a news report from Canada:


OTTAWA—A cheating Canadian wife is suing Rogers Wireless after her husband discovered the extramarital affair through her itemized mobile phone bill and left her, local media said Tuesday.

Gabriella Nagy, 35, is seeking 600,000 Canadian dollars (580,000 US) from Rogers Wireless for invasion of privacy and breach of contract, Canwest News Service reported.

In court documents cited by Canwest, Nagy claimed she had asked the cell phone company to send her bill in her name to her home, but it was instead bundled with the couple’s television, Internet and home phone bill in her husband’s name.

The husband became suspicious when he noticed a number frequently called on the bill and, after dialing it, was told by a man who answered that he recently had a three-week affair with Nagy. He left Nagy and their children in August 2007.

“The affair was over,” Nagy told Canwest News Service. “The thing that really hurt me is that it all came out not through my own doing.”

She blamed Rogers for the breakup, for having “breached my privacy.”

“I entrusted them with my personal information,” she said.

Rogers fired back, saying it had consolidated the bills at the couple’s request. “We cannot be responsible for the personal decisions made by our customers,” Rogers spokeswoman Kathy Murphy told Canwest.

“The marriage breakup and its effects happened, or alternatively, would in any even have happened, regardless of the form in which the plaintiff and her husband received their invoices,” the company said in a statement of defense.

Rogers was not immediately available for further comment.


My two cents: I wonder who’s more hurt? The lady who felt “betrayed” by the wireless company, or her husband, betrayed by her infidelity?

“I entrusted them with my personal information,” she said. Maybe the husband said, “I entrusted you with all I have.” I used to think things like this happened only in soap operas. Silly me.

Seriously, I hope and pray they have a good ending to their story.


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