Looking Forward to the Weekend

The title above is a phrase that I didn’t think I would ever utter again.

Now that I am back in the workforce, belonging again to the rat race that has been called descriptive of all working men and women, and having endured my first week at my new job, the idea of looking forward to the weekend is undergoing a new genesis in my system.

Let me state up front that, aside from a few things which shall go unmentioned for now, I see myself enjoying my new line of work. It’s been a little boring so far because all my work this past week has been limited to what I can do in front of a desk. The real action will start next week, when classes begin. For those who don’t know yet (I guess that means practically everybody) I am now a member of the faculty at FCB, Department of Bible and Theology. I’ve been assigned the Basic Bible Course (BBC) class, which is the equivalent of a pre-college course. After they finish the BBC, they can opt to continue to the freshmen level or go elsewhere the Lord calls them.

I was told early on that there were seventy students who enrolled for the BBC. The class will be split into two, with thirty-five students each. It’s a big class, and I am excited to teach. We will be doing Inductive Bible Study and New Testament Survey together. My third subject is World Religions with the Juniors. It’s a smaller class, but will hopefully be not less exciting.

Back to the reason why I am writing this entry: This job is presumably more draining than my previous job, although I know of at least three people who would disagree. Nonetheless, God willing I would get the weekends to recharge, physically on Saturdays, and spiritually on Sundays. It’s good when one has a healthy and godly outlook towards work–give the Lord your best during the week, remembering that work was meant to be a blessing and a means to glorify God; and enjoy Godly rest and to recharge during the weekend. I’m not pretending that I will be doing a perfect job on both counts, but by the grace of God….

Let me end this entry with one of my favorite quotes on education, by Aristophanes (ca. 450 to 388 B.C.): “Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance is educated, and drunkenness sobered, but STUPID lasts forever.


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