Public Internet Use

Am blogging in a public venue. Specifically, I’m at a local Burger King enjoying some Chicken Tenders while browsing on the ‘net. Two things I’ve noticed in places like this (coffee shops and restaurants that offer free wifi) are: 1) the number of people taking advantage of the service, and 2) the utter lack of electric outlets to accommodate all the number of people taking advantage of the service.

I’ll pretend to be the manager of this place for a while.

  1. I admit to the importance of using the latest technology to attract customers to your restaurant.
  2. I also admit that there is only so much that you can do to achieve Number 1.
  3. Assuming I were to add more outlets in my establishment, I would do so only on the condition that it will have a positive effect on sales.
  4. There is no guarantee about Number 3. On the contrary, adding more outlets would mean that while more people will come to take advantage of the increase in outlets, they will not necessarily translate into paying customers. (By paying customers I mean those who purchase more than a cup of soda.)
  5. So maybe less outlets would be a better option compared to more outlets.

I’ll just use the internet more at home, then.


The food was good, though. I love onion rings.

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