Things For Which I Am Thankful

I hardly ever blog about my prayers. Part of the reason is that I strictly go by Christ’s command in Matthew that sees prayer as mainly a private discourse between me and my Savior. Maybe discourse is a wrong choice of words, since I’m doing all the talking. Nevertheless, every once in a while I share with others how the Lord has blessed me in some specific way.

My beloved M. I don’t think I would ever have enough words how my beloved M has been a God-given blessing in my life. The near catastrophic changes I’ve gone through in the past half-year were made more bearable because of her. I take pride in my being logical and rational, but she’s shown more evidence of both than I have recently.

Good health. OK, the kidney stones were an issue, but aside from that particular

Photo taken from

malady, both M and I are doing fine, health-wise.  She even remarked earlier that my belly’s shrinking a bit.

A good house. It’s a rental, so that means we weren’t the first to live here, and probably won’t be the last. Yet, the Lord did lead the way/opened the door for us to find this place. The monthly rent is within our budget, and the location is quite nice. It’s not as big as the parsonage we used to occupy, but it’s going to be home.

My new occupation. I’m working for FCB, which is as famous among Filipino churches as BSOP is to Chinese churches. Since there are more of the former than the latter, can I state then that FCB is more well-known? =)

My new church. More of a house church, really. And it’s not mine, per se. But the fellowship is good, the preaching is solid, and the simplicity of it all can knock the socks off of those who value the non-essentials over the essentials in church worship.

My parents, M’s parents. The list of things they did for us is too long to include in this post, and they are well- and highly appreciated.

“Give thanks to the Lord for he is good.”


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