At Toyota Balintawak

Right now, I’m at Toyota Balintawak for my Wednesday’s regular maintenance. I missed the twenty-five thousand kilometer check-up, so I’m going to have to pay a little extra for the thirty thousandth.

Lesson 1: Car’s are a great blessing–have them maintained regularly. The money you spend in maintenance is nothing compared to the money you will spend when your car breaks down.

Lesson 2: Get an appointment if you can. Thanks to  my beloved M, I had a number and everything when I got here. There was some confusion at the beginning since I got in about two minutes late–they were paging my name already, but I was too busy explaining my point to the guard to notice.

Lesson 3 (apropos above): Listen to your wife. She’s a lot smarter than you. (Oh alright, maybe not.) Maybe you and her are equally smart, but there are times when her smartness prevails, and yours doesn’t.

Lesson 4: Always be ready with a laptop. You never know when there’s wifi.



3 Replies to “At Toyota Balintawak”

  1. not true. i told you there would be wifi. you already knew there would be wifi there before you left the house. hmph!

  2. lesson 5: the wife should not let the husband go alone to any place car-related. huge tendencies that new accessories will be installed. (for budget-conscious couples only)

  3. You’re right: I already knew there was wifi (you told me there was), that’s why I brought along my laptop. The lesson was more towards my readers (don’t know how many there are) who might not know about the availability of wifi. (Still, I find your “hmph!” cute.)

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