Get A Life! It’s Only A Social Networking Program!

I’m in the library of the Biblical Seminary of the Philippines, reading some books and magazines, preparing stuff that I will be using in class later today and tomorrow morning. In between browsing among the books, I spotted this little gem in the Letters to the Editor section of Time (Asia) Magazine, issued June 28, 2010 issue:

T.S. (name changed so I won’t be sued to protect their privacy) in the Philippines spends four hours a day on Facebook? In four hours, I can dig into a good book, hang out with my daughter, make dinner and do my daily one-hour walk. If I want to connect with my friends, I’ll call or e-mail or maybe even get together in person! (From V. E., Brookline, Mass., U.S.)

When I read this particular letter I was surprised that people would be surprised at how others would use/abuse/misuse the phenomenon we call Facebook. The letter writer was right in a sense though–surprises aside, why would anyone spend so much time on a social network is beyond me.  I understand getting in touch with people you haven’t seen in a while, or sharing bits of news which you think might interest others, but four hours?


PS. Maybe they play games on Facebook? Still….

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