Updates 072110

I’m a bit early for work, so I thought about providing updates about myself.

Teaching. It’s now the seventh week since I started teaching at FCB. We will be having our preliminary examinations next week. After the six previous weeks, I am happy to state that I have finally gotten to know most of the students (by character and not necessarily by name), and almost all the teachers (by name and not necessarily by character). Bit of a joke there, since I said prior to the beginning of classes that I’m not very good with names, and it will take me roughly six weeks before I successfully relate a name to the face. It will take longer with the students, though, as there are more of them.

Frankly, I am a bit overwhelmed that the more curmudgeonly I make myself appear before the students, the more they seem to like me. The logical side of my brain is wondering if there’s something wrong somewhere. Not that I’m complaining though.

Bible Study. I had been conducting regular Tuesday night Bible studies in QCEC. The last one was last Tuesday. It didn’t end with a bang, as most of the regular members weren’t there. Here’s hoping that whatever they learned from me didn’t just pass from one ear to the other. This is one group (and ministry) which I can unabashedly say I will miss. Most of the fellow members were not what you would call mature in the faith, and I guess that was what made it interesting. The questions and interactions between us can never be repeated, replaced or recycled. And the occasional coffee was good, too.

Apropos, my ministry (can we even call it that?) in my former church will be limited to the rare speaking engagement in one of the fellowships or translating during one of the Sundays.

Wednesday. The car, I mean. Not the day of the week. My car. The car that belongs to M and me. She had her first maintenance check since I got her second hand from a friend. The check and replacement of several parts cost me ten grand. But beloved M says, “Better to spend a little now than spend a whole lot more in repairs next time.” OK, she didn’t exactly say that, but she did imply that several times when I suggested we have the neighborhood mechanic check under the hood.

PG Building. That ‘s the name of the building where M and I live now. I love the little place. It’s much smaller than our former residence, but it’s cozier and more homey. I didn’t like the unit at first, because I preferred the one next to it–it’s bigger and more airy. M didn’t like the bigger one because it meant higher rent. A few weeks ago I mentioned that we were in the process of making our new house a home. I think we just did.

Grandma. In less than a month, it will be the first anniversary of my paternal grandmother’s death. As my dad remarked: “Time really flies.”


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