A Pitch for Tea

After dinner my beloved M and usually go to either one of two places for an after-dinner drink. If we’re feeling up to a long drive, or if we’re in the vicinity, we would visit Serenitea (there’s no website but there is a multiply page somewhere) where M would have either the Okinawa or Hokkaido milk tea (both with pudding, half sugar), while yours truly will have his favorite Jasmine Green Tea with lime, no sugar. They also serve snacks which we both find delicious: pepper corn, pepper onion rings, and pepper tofu.

If we’re not in the mood for a long drive, then it’s Ersao for us. She has Passion Fruit Green Tea and I’ll have plain green tea (again, no sugar). As for snacks, the fried dumpling and fries are good.

To borrow (unashamedly) from a movie character called Mr. Gordon Gecko: Tea is good. Tea works. Tea clarifies.

Thank you.


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