A Pitch For Tea (2)

Copyright © ST DupontOne good way of relaxing for me is to drink a nice cup of hot Twinings® Earl Grey tea after lunch.  (Pretend you’re on the starship Enterprise and you hear actor Patrick Stewart’s voice ordering, “Tea. Early Grey. Hot,” from the replicator.) What the British refer to as elevenses I call my oneses, minus the crumpets. They call them elevenses because they take tea a little before noon. I have mine after my lunch. Sometimes I even have eveneningses.

From the Twinings website:

  • The eating-out tip: Finish your meal with a pot of tea – especially if you’ve had a glass or two of wine with your food. Tea is a great way to replace lost fluids and wind down at the end of an evening. (Let me add that, after a good meal, nothing makes me feel comfortable than a nice cup of tea. It may be psychological, but tea takes away the feeling of being stuffed after a meal.)
  • Twinings teas, herbal infusions and flavored fruit infusions do not contain genetically modified raw materials or ingredients derived from genetically modified raw materials. You can therefore keep enjoying our products with complete peace of mind. (It’s a natural drink. What more could you ask?)
  • Tea contains a group of compounds called flavonoids recognized for their antioxidant properties, some members of the catechin group (epicatechin gallate and epigallocatechin gallate) are suggested to have more powerful antioxidant properties than Vitamin A and C in vitro experiments. (Pretty long names in here, but basically it’s a very healthy drink. )

If it’s available in restaurants, another good option is house tea (obviously I’m talking of Chinese restaurants here) served cold (“on the rocks”) instead of hot. There’s no sugar added, that means its up to the drinker if he will like it or not. Great for summer days.

Wonderful thing, tea.



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