It’s August Already!

It’s August already, and it seems as though time had flown by while I was not having fun.

  • I’m still grading papers from last week’s preliminary examinations. Preparing the exam papers wasn’t difficult at all.  Neither was watching over the the students while they took the exam. What’s difficult is going through their answers and having to score points on how well they did. The fact that some of them didn’t get the lesson at all, even after repeated discussion, is (to say the least) annoying.
  • Mondays is when I have a light load. I’m still required to be here by seven a.m., and leave at five p.m., but it’s just one subject today and the rest of the time is spent on research, class preparations, and (gggrhhm!) grading papers.
  • Listening to a few mp3 tracks while grading papers makes the task of checking exams a bit easier to bear.
  • Still with about fifteen percent of test papers to go.

Which takes me back to my first sentence–it’s August already. Where did the seven months go?


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