Office Space

I live in a small apartment unit. My wife said it was around thirty-six square meters (or roughly 387 square feet). That means space is a premium–we only put in equipment and furniture we know we would use. We don’t have a living room or to be more precise, we don’t have a sofa–the space where the sofa should have gone we turned into the dining area. My beloved M’s workspace, which includes an office desk, shelves, and cabinet, is tucked in one little corner diagonally opposite the kitchen counter. Whenever I have to use my laptop, I work on the dining table.

My wife and I dream of owning our own house. A place that’s not too big, but just right for the both of us and the family we plan to raise. Being an architect by profession, I often find myself going beyond the usual aesthetics in looking at rooms and houses. I sometimes like to doodle little space designs, things I can use when we do get our own house. One of the things I work on (on and off) is a good workspace/office/den where I can sit among my books and read. (I’m also thinking of a nice spacious kitchen for my beloved M, but that’s another story.)

One of the sites I regularly visit is Lifehacker. They regularly show office spaces solutions from their readers, some of which I pasted below. I like these particular ones because: they look good, they’re unique, and they’re the kind I could probably do myself if I had the time.

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