The Perfect Umbrella?

My beloved M will attest that I’m a sucker for umbrellas. To be exact I’m a sucker for: toys, books, bags, tools, umbrellas, and chopsticks. In that order. And the color black.

Back to umbrellas: I seem to have more than I need. I have:

  • a plain black one with a plastic hook handle, very utilitarian and always handy in a quick shower.
  • a blue-grey one with a wooden handle, which I semi-retired two years ago, but still hangs near the door “just in case,”
  • a special one that’s short or double fold, but opens wide,
  • a long umbrella with what I call a “light-saber” handle, which I really, really like, and
  • a very small one that opens to only 20″ in diameter which I keep in the office.

Most of them open and close automatically, with the exception of the blue-grey.

All my umbrellas are good, but with the exception of the light-saber handled one, none of them are strong enough to resist strong winds. I’m sure all of us have experienced having our umbrellas invert at the wrong moments because of the winds. If inverts happen often enough, the stress would shorten the life of even the strongest umbrellas.  I’ve had that happen to me once or twice. The light-saber umbrella has extra springs and stronger frame in case it does invert, but it’s still not the best solution.

Now, I think the solution has arrived.

Copyright SENZ
Copyright SENZ

Featuring the SENZ umbrella. Go to their site, watch the clip, and tell me if the greatest innovation to the greatest inventions hasn’t arrived.

I want one already.



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