I borrowed the word in the title from my beloved M. I really love it when she says things like that.

Yesterday was Teacher’s Day at FCB. I must say the programs were heartwarming. The students really went out of their way to make the day special for the teachers. Yours truly was given the task to represent the faculty in expressing thanks to the student body.

The cynical side of me is asking, “Will special days like this still be special after I teach for fifteen or twenty years?”

I hope so.


On a totally different note, someone else posted a post (ahem) about the Saturday morning cartoons they liked. So I’ll do something similar. The most I had of Saturday morning cartoons was back in the late 80s (when I was in my teens), so some of my readers might not even recognize the cartoons in the list. Oh, and it was called Saturday Fun Machine back then.

Here are some of the cartoons I watched:


Challenge of the Superfriends.

Put Batman (my favorite), Superman (couldn’t care less), Wonder Woman, and the rest of DC Comics’ power cast in one show, and this is what you got.  There were two versions actually: Superfriends (with Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog), and Challenge of the Superfriends (with the oddball twins and their equally oddball space monkey).

The Superfriends met/resided/lived/spent their whole time on the show in the “Hall of Justice” until it was time to fight the bad guys, the Legion of Doom, led by Lex Luthor. Maybe it was because the show was set in the 80s that names like Legion of Doom made sense. Or maybe the show was aimed at kids?

Superfriends was very popular back then. How popular? The first words out of students’ mouths when they met Monday mornings was, “Did you watch Superfriends?” The shows became such a cultural icons that those who didn’t get to watch them (for whatever reason) the Saturday before  were considered behind the times. Yup, times changed weekly back then.

Of course, nobody among us really cared that the characters were so far removed from the comics “reality” as to be virtually unrecognizable by true fans. Looking back, I probably will never see a more cheesy or cliché-filled show again.

The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang.

“We’re looking for Milwaukee 1957.”

Hm. From what I remember, the Fonz and the Happy Days Gang get to travel through history in a time machine manned by a girl named Cupcake. They got snatched from “sometime in the second season of the live action sitcom” and do their best to get back to Milwaukee 1957.

I don’t remember much about the show, except laughing at Ralph Malph’s cowardice. The dog, Mr Cool, was annoying.

John Blackstar.

John Blackstar astride Warlock

Wikipedia says: John Blackstar was an astronaut from a future version of Earth who had been swept through a black hole and stranded on the planet Sagar, where magic and sword and sorcery still ruled the day. Together with his allies, the Trobbits, Klone (a shape-shifting elfin companion), the dragon Warlock, and Mara the Enchantress, Blackstar battled the cruel Overlord, a ruthless Ming-like oppressor, who ruled by the might of the Powersword, one half of the Powerstar, an immensely powerful weapon. Fortunately, Blackstar possessed its other half, the Starsword, which kept the Overlord and his dark minions in check.

My favorite character in this show was Klone. Nice nasal voice that nearly put you to sleep. Didn’t care for the Hobbit-like characters very much.

Great Space Coaster

The GSC Gang

Again from Wikipedia: The show is about three young singers (Francine, Danny, and Roy) who are brought to a habitable asteroid in space by a puppet clown character named Baxter who pilots the “space coaster”, a rollercoaster-like spaceship. The asteroid is populated by strange-looking, wise-cracking puppet characters like Goriddle Gorilla, Knock-Knock the Woodpecker, Edison the Elephant and Gary Gnu, who hosts “The Gary Gnu Show”. Baxter is forever on the run from M.T. Promises, a nefarious circus owner (played by a large, top-hatted puppet) who plans to re-capture Baxter and return him to the circus he worked at before he escaped.

Not a cartoon in the strictest sense but still fun to watch. I didn’t like it at first, precisely because it wasn’t a cartoon, but the characters grew on me. Who wouldn’t like Gorridle Gorilla (who always had a riddle, and voiced by Kevin Clash of Elmo fame), Gary Gnu (“Where no gnews is good gnews!”), and Francine of the Accidentals? In the picture on the left, Gary Gnu is in the first row middle, with Goriddle to his left; Francine is the girl on the bottom right corner.

Ciao for now!


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