Words Fail Me


This used to be a much longer post (as ten minutes ago) but something went wrong with the connection and my draft disappeared. Hence, the title.

The picture on the left is taken from one of the headline news of Philippine Daily Inquirer. Forty-one people were killed when this bus fell into a ravine between Baguio and San Fernando, La Union.

The driver felt the brakes weren’t working and made a decision to ram the bus into a roadside tree to halt the vehicle’s progress. Sadly the tree wasn’t strong enough and was dragged by the bus as it fell into the ravine.

OK, words don’t really fail me at this point. I’m sure a lot of people are upset at the news, not the least of which are the relatives of the deceased. As another news report says, quoting the president, the reason the driver gave for the accident–faulty brakes–was lame. Very lame, I would say.

I’m also sure that people are already beginning to suspect that there was more to the story than mechanical failure, which in itself is enough reason to seriously go after those concerned. We’ve all heard of stories of bus drivers taking drugs to stay awake on long drives. Then there are stories of bus operators who continue using old and dilapidated buses for long trips. The list goes on.

Words fail me, indeed. I’ve said a mouthful already.

For what it’s worth, my condolences to the families of those who died.


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