Sunday, And Tomorrow’s a Holiday

Typing while listening to my beloved M edit a copy of Glee’s Defying Gravity. (Listen to it a few times and the song grows on you.)

Long weekend for many people.  Tomorrow the Philippines will be commemorating National Heroes Day. A group to which the cast of characters in the recent bus-hostage drama surely do not belong.

My favorite “stupid remark” so far is the one given by Mayor Alfredo Lim: He said he only ordered that the brother of hostage taker Rolando Mendoza, Gregorio, be handcuffed and not arrested.

Assuming that there is a difference between “arresting someone” and just “having him handcuffed,” didn’t you think that actually handcuffing the brother in front of TV cameras, and thus by extension, in front of the late Mendoza, was tantamount to lighting a cigarette in a house packed with explosieves?

There were a lot of incompetent things that happened that day and the days after, but Lim’s remarks take the cake for me. To think that many people admire the guy for his record as a cop. (Wait! Didn’t people also used to admire Mendoza for his decorated career before he went looney? Should we be reading something into the comparison here?)



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