Copyright Dennis Eric Ohsan

I spoke of changes in a previous column (see here for details), and I thought of articulating one more for today.

On the advice of my beloved M, I’ve decided to regulate my entries on this blog. I suppose it’s easier said than done, what with my demanding schedule and all, but it’s a start.

Posts will be made on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and the Lord’s Day (or a few hours before). I reserve the right to overrule the schedule should something interesting arise.

  • Memorable Monday posts shall feature something, uhm, memorable. It could be poetry, human interest or some such.
  • Wacky Wednesday posts shall feature articles that show the wacky and insane side of humanity.
  • Fun Friday (or maybe Freaky Friday) posts shall be lighthearted and/or uplifting, which should help segue us into a nice weekend.
  • Lord’s Day posts will be fit for Lord’s Day musings.

These will be what you will see in the next few weeks.  Deo volente.



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