Memorable Monday: Vision Week

Copyright not mine

Today marks the first day of FCB Vision (Foundation) Week. In the spirit of celebration, I would like to quote here the Vision-Mission Statement of the college.

Vision: A school that produces godly leaders for the country and other parts of the world: spiritual leaders who accurately handle the Word of truth, Christ-like in character, relevant and responsive to the needs of the time in fulfilling the Great Commission.”

Mission: The school aims to provide opportunities for excellent training and development of men and women of God, Christian leaders who will excel and have spiritual cutting edge in various areas of ministry such as pastorate, missions and evangelism, missionary aviation, Bible teaching, Christian Education, and Church Music.

The school will develop a training program where learning takes place in both academic endeavors and applied experiences where the classroom extends to the field and the curriculum responsive to contemporary realities.

Under the authority of the Scripture, the school seeks to fulfill its commitment to ministry through college and graduate education, professional development and provide direction and facilities for theological, technical and practical research. Thus, equipping God’s servants to do the work of the ministry for the building up of the body of Christ.

I’ve walked around campus and students are busy with Campus Day cleanup, which is part of the Vision Week activities. More details to follow.



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