Wacky(?) Wednesday 092210

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. Officials getting arrested for doing something wrong. Amazing. Of course, it happened in California. Wish it happened here, too, though. But here, you get criminals pointing fingers at other criminals.

(HT: Nollie Malabuyo)


Eight Officials Charged in Bell, Calif., Scandal

Prosecutors Charge Former City Manager Rizzo and Seven Others for Corruption, Fraud Tied to Lavish Salaries

The mayor and former city manager of Bell were led away in handcuffs Tuesday,

Former Bell, Calif. City Manager Robert Rizzo is led away by police after being arrested Sept. 21, 2010 in Bell. Rizzo faces 53 charges tied to corruption and fraud. (Copyright 2010, Los Angeles Times/ Photo by Robert Lachman) (Los Angeles Times)

charged with six other officials with taking more than $5.5 million from the working-class suburb in a scandal that triggered nationwide outrage and calls for more transparency in government.

Former City Manager Robert Rizzo, Mayor Oscar Hernandez and the other current and former city officials were rounded up during morning raids on their homes that prompted many of their neighbors to burst into cheers.

They were charged with dozens of counts of illegally paying themselves huge salaries in what District Attorney Steve Cooley called a case of “corruption on steroids.”

“They used the tax dollars collected from the hardworking citizens of Bell as their own piggy bank, which they then looted at will,” Cooley told a news conference as he stood next to photos of the eight suspects.


You can read the rest of the story here.


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