Wacky Wednesday 092910

Man, I’ve been taught, is the highest form of animal. That means, according to my teacher, that man is the most intelligent, most adaptive, even most dangerous of creatures on the planet.

I’d agree with the last two descriptions, but I’m not so sure about the third. Why?

Surf around the web, go to websites that allow or open to comments their articles. Examples would be Philippine Star, and Fox News. You don’t even have to go far–choose any WordPress blog. Browse through the comments.

You won’t see any hint of intelligence in a good majority of the comments of people. Most of them are knee-jerk and emotional reactions from people who think with their mouths than their brains. Here’s a good example. A chef commits suicide because his business is failing, and one commenter says:

“That’s right you weaselly coward, bail out on your wife and kids because Ramsey tried to make a man of you by hitting you with the cold, hard truth. I guess now some ambulance chasing NY Loyah will go after Ramsey. What a pathetic pussbag. What an honor to have someone like Ramsey even mention your restaurant much less do a show there. Tragic shame.”

The guy can’t even spell “lawyer” properly. Maybe the guy dropped out of law school. Be that as it may, the guy quoted above is still mild compared to the other comments around.

Whatever the case, intelligence is absent.


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