Thtupid Thursday

I am all for freedom of expression, but what a certain person did is not something to be proud of.

I am not a Roman Catholic. But I am a citizen of a country that still recognizes religious freedom. And part of religious freedom is respect not so much for the beliefs and faiths of others, but for the persons who adhere to said beliefs and faiths. Maybe I could have expressed that last sentence better, but I won’t.

The one who expressed his disgust toward the Roman Catholic Church’s stance on the reproductive health bill is for reproductive rights. Good. Maybe that would limit the number of idiots born in this country. Include in the list the idiots who agreed with him (check the comments section).

There, I just expressed myself. And I didn’t disrupt a church service to do it.


PS. Just in case I’m misunderstood, I’m on the other side of the fence from the Roman Church as far as the reproductive rights issue is concerned. I have no love lost for the Catholic Church, as an institution.


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