Random Thoughts on Memorable Monday

Eating two waffles (with butter) on Monday mornings isn’t very filling. Come to think of it, eating waffles any day isn’t very filling. Even if they were prepared by my beloved M’s loving hands.

Jose Sison, the lawyer, makes a very good point. An excerpt: “Disrupting the Mass is therefore the most offensive act against the feelings of Catholic faithful. Anyone who disrupts the mass like that Intramuros tourist guide (his name is not worth mentioning) certainly deserves to be imprisoned. His act can never be justified by his deep resentment against the prelates who oppose the RH bill. It is willfully, willingly and feloniously done during a rite most sacred to Catholics and therefore punishable under the RPC. Muslims and Buddhists would also feel offended if such disruption was committed against them. There is no reason why

Copyright © Okamura

disruption of a Catholic ritual should be treated differently.”

Getting used to my new office chair. Been a while since I sat on a chair with a working height adjuster. Maybe next time I’ll get an Okamura chair (top) or maybe a captain’s chair from Star Trek TNG (go here)

I like reading Conrado de Quiros. But this statement from his latest column leaves me shaking my head. “That is the Church holding this nation under pain of the excoriation, excommunication and damnation since well before Jose Rizal hostage to the propositions that the sun revolves around the earth, that man did not descend from the apes but was made in the image and likeness of his Maker, that women drew from the ribs of Adam and may never be equal to her source.” The “ribs of Adam” thing and “never equal to her source” remark is something no freshman theology student would make. But then, de Quiros is not a theologian.

I’m hungry. My thoughts keep returning to my stomach every ten minutes. Will I have enough strength to visit the canteen?

I love my Nokia E63 QWERTY phone. My beloved M has one too, except hers has games while mine doesn’t. We’re thinking (on and off) of getting an iPhone. Will it be a case of “it seemed like a good idea” after we purchase one? We’ll see.

This is the finals week here in FCB. God help us all. At least now I don’t have any papers to check. I gave my students some projects to do for their finals and I’m waiting to see what they’ll come up with.

Now for something memorable: During sermon yesterday, the pastor mentioned how the Lord, after bringing Abram outdoors, said, “Look toward heaven, and number the stars, if you are able to number them. So shall your offspring be.” A few verses later the Bible says “as the sun was going down…” so it’s a good inference that when God brought Abram out, it was daytime. The words “number the stars” take on an added dimension, considering that there were no stars to see when Abram looked up. (Yes of course, there are billions and billions of stars which will not be seen by someone on the day side of the planet, but that’s beside the point. The scriptures at this point were focusing on Abram and his faith response to God; it was using visible [or in this case, apparently visible] phenomenon.) The words, “Abram believed” doesn’t seem so trivial now, does it?



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