Good-bye to M’s Mug

My beloved M and I have almost-matching mugs. They’re in different colors but both have Marvin the Martian on them. We each got ours before we were married. (It was one of the few times that I bought something that wasn’t black; I bought it because I liked it, despite its orange color. The shape got to me, I think.)

Copyright © Dennis Eric C. Ohsan

Anyway, last week I (accidentally0 broke the handle of M’s mug as I was washing the dishes. I had a spatula in my right hand and I held the mug by the body/cup in my left hand. My intent was to move the mug to another place in the sink so I could then reach for the other spatula. I wash utensils by group, so sue me.

Anyway, the handle of the mug hit the faucet and broke.

The mug is now a throw away.

You can call me Capt. Klutz.

Copyright © Mad Magazine and/or Don Martin

Good-bye Mr. Mug! You shall be missed.


3 Replies to “Good-bye to M’s Mug”

    1. Sadly, we threw it away already. Couldn’t bear with the pain. Sniff.
      On a happier note, that means we now have an excuse to buy a new mug. =)

      1. hahhaha!! true true!!! i did have a tweety mug like yours too but it also broke a long time ago.. huhu… tell me where you can find these mugs ok? hehehe

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