Thrifty Thursday: Women and the Pink Panther

I own a copy of The Pink Panther Film Collection, a gift from Dave, my beloved M’s boss in the US.  I finished watching every movie in the collection within a day or two of getting it. (Thanks, Dave!)

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Sadly, due to legal issues among the movie makers, the collection does not include Return of the Pink Panther, which many Panther fans would argue to be one of the two best in the series. The other is A Shot in the Dark. Both are very funny, in my humble opinion, but I prefer Return; it made me laugh more times than Shot. Nevertheless, the collection is great and should be in any Pink Panther fan’s home theater collection.

I mentioned Pink Panther and women. It seems that behind every guy I know (and this includes Dave) who love Pink Panther, is a woman who either hates it with a passion or totally disinterested in it. My beloved M and I watched one of the movies sometime last year, and she just sat there with a blank expression on her face almost the whole time. The only times (few, very few) her expression changed, it was to bewilderment at my laughing like a lunatic at this or that scene. And from what I heard, Dave’s wife shares my beloved M’s sentiments.

Oh, well. As my Ninong Jay (who loves Pink Panther) once told me, “Pink Panther is one of those things that you either get or you don’t; there’s no in-between.” Incidentally, his wife doesn’t like Panther, too.

From the Return of the Pink Panther:

Clouseau: How long have you been a bellboy?

Bellboy: Oh, too long, Monsieur.

Clouseau: Keep up the good work, and I shall see to it you become a bell “man”.



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