Freaky Friday:

Al Mohler recently wrote about the incompatibility of yoga and Christianity. You can read about it here. In a follow up to the article, Dr. Mohler presented some disagreeing comments from his readers. Before I continue, I would like to go on record that I agree entirely with Dr. Mohler. Christianity and yoga definitely do not mix. And I’m talking about real yoga, not the sappy kind wherein the practitioners say they don’t “do meditations and stuff.” To that, Dr. Mohler has this rejoinder:

“I have heard from a myriad of Christians who insist that their practice of yoga involves absolutely no meditation, no spiritual direction, no inward concentration, and no thought element. Well, if so, you are simply not practicing yoga. You may be twisting yourselves into pretzels or grasshoppers, but if there is no meditation or direction of consciousness, you are not practicing yoga, you are simply performing a physical exercise. Don’t call it yoga.”

Anyway, scrolling to the bottom of the article, Dr. Mohler quotes what is probably the stupidest* response to his article. A reader said,

“How do we know that the apostles and early Christian guys did not use yoga to commune with Jesus after he left?”

The person who wrote this should brush up on his theology, history, and geography. Maybe he/she will learn a thing or two.

*I know there is no such word as “stupidest” but, in a funny sort of way, it sounds better than “more stupid.”


Now, on to Freaky Friday. The Top Ten Unsolved Mysteries. If Jacques Clouseau were here, he’d say, “unsolv-ed.”

Ream ’em and enjoy the suspense.


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