Miscellaneous Monday

Today…the work is not too heavy. The bulk of my scheduled task for Monday (just this one, sadly) is to wait for the four teacher/judges to evaluate the work of my New Testament Survey students, so I can give their final grade.

In the meantime, here are some excellent articles to keep all of us occupied on a Monday morning.

Several must-read articles from C. Michael Patton over at Parchment and Pen:

The first one, about essentials and non-essentials, deserve more than a casual read. There are lots of things there that serious practitioners of the faith should look into and chew on.

And one from the Gospel Centric. (It’s the only one so far, because I’ve just come across the site this morning.) But don’t be fooled: the contents really hit home, or should, to most preaching that is being done out there.


Here’s an excerpt from the article. Under the heading, Three Stories and a Moral, the author says, “This kind of preaching usually happens when the preacher decides to “wing it.” He consults no biblical text. Perhaps he talks about a story in the news, recalls an incident from his childhood, and uses a time– tested sermon illustration. He wraps it all up by saying, “I think there’s something we can all learn from this.” No Law, no Gospel. In fact, not much of anything.”

And to round this list off, here are a couple of very informative articles from Grateful to the Dead. (Great name for a website; wish I’d thought of it.)

Happy reading!



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