I’ve had several pets before my beloved M and I tied the knot a little less than two years ago. Even before I started collecting the little critters, in discussing pets with other pet owners, it annoyed me when people would give the silliest and most unimaginative names to their animals. I vowed to myself that if I ever started collecting pets, I’d give them really good names. Here are the pets I’ve had, and what I called them. (The pictures are from different sources though; I couldn’t find my file pictures of my pets.)

  1. Two Siberian hamsters, gifts from my beloved M for my nth birthday, named Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.
  2. Goldfish: Two black Orandas, a black Ranchu, and a Calico Ranchu, named Homiletix and Hermeneutix, Apologetics, and Hegeliandialectix,  respectively.* 

    Copyright somebody else
  3. Two tarantulas, a local Philippine Dwarf (Phlogiellus baeri) and a Greenbottle Blue (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens). The Dwarf was called Prefix, and the Blue was called Suffix. 

    Copyright somebody else whose name is on the photo
    Copyright kimtall


    Two African Lovebirds. To this day I still don’t know what came over me to break the “-ix” tradition and to call them Periyd and Semicolyn.

  5. And a California King Snake, (Lampropeltis getula californiae) which I lovingly christened Highermathematix. 

    Copyright reptilesncritters

When M and I get our own house, and in addition to the bicycle I’m buying, I hope to get two other pets. I want a Maltese, which I will name Dogmatix, and a Maine Coon (the same breed as Garfield® but hopefully not as gluttony) which I will name…wait for it…

Roman Catolix! (Insert appropriate fanfare here.)


*My beloved M reminded me of this one.


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