Is It Just Me…

…or do some things just DO NOT WORK when we need them? I tried looking for streets in Wikimapia and Google Maps, and I’ve been less than satisfied every time. Either the streets don’t show up on the screen or the program won’t cooperate. When the streets do show up, you get a lot of other information that you don’t need, like “Toby lives here!” or some other nonsense.

I’ll just stick to my little booklet type road map for a while.

Some other hangups, based on observations made this week:

    1. Bus drivers are mostly nitwits. Same goes for jeepney drivers and pedicab drivers.
    2. If you ever see a lady pedestrian with a kid, chances are that the kid will be on the danger side (read: where she can be hit by a car) of the sidewalk. If there is a sidewalk.
    3. Jack ‘n’ Jill potato chips aren’t what they used to be.
    4. On a positive note: Beloved M prepared tuna sashimii for dinner. Delicious. I put too much wasabi sauce my sinuses have cleared.
    5. On another positive note: Having after dinner tea.
    6. I’m never going to give group projects to my students again. Ever.



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