Only In The Philippines

I spied this banner this afternoon, while on my way home from picking up beloved M’s shoes from the shoe repair shop. It was along N.S. Amoranto in Quezon City.

I blurred the telephone number to protect the store’s identity. The other blurry parts are just raindrops on the windshield. (To think that I almost didn’t have a chance to take this picture. My phone was being charged so M insisted I bring hers.) This is one of the few times that I appreciate the multi-function capabilities of today’s mobile phones.

Funny as this one is though, it doesn’t come close to the NO LEFTERN sign M and I saw a couple of years ago. I wish I’d taken a picture of that one, but it was in a busy intersection, and we couldn’t risk it. Maybe I’ll visit the place again (I’ll keep the name under wraps in the meantime) and take a snapshot of the funny sign, if it’s still there.



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