Something Borrowed, Something New

(Or Continuation of Lord’s Day 102410)

The text for today’s worship service was Genesis 15. It’s a familiar passage, and as someone who seeks to dig deeper into the doctrines of grace, I find it a perennial favorite.

Several things that stood out:

  1. When God tells Abram to look at the stars (v.5) and try to number them, did he see the stars because it was part of the vision that God gave (v.1). A little while later it says that, “when the sun began to go down,” meaning the earlier part of the chapter took place in the daytime. So if it happened in the daytime it is possible that when God commanded Abram to number the stars, the latter couldn’t see any stars. That’s faith.
  2. Why did God say that he was Abram’s shield? Did it have something to do with the war/battle that took place a chapter earlier? Was Abram afraid of repercussions from the losing monarchs? Or (and I’m more inclined towards this one) is God reiterating a great truth: that for the elect, the presence of God is a shield against sin? No one and nothing can successfully accuse Abram of wrong doing because of point no. 3 below? (See Psalm 32, quoted in the last post.)
  3. “Unless you understand the imputation of Christ’s righteousness to you, you do not understand the gospel at all.”
  4. God’s promises are contingent upon his holiness and righteousness.



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