ADHD Anyone?

Here’s some excerpts from two post I recently read. First:

“Generations ago children played outside, walked to and from school, were responsible for helping with household chores.  In effect these actions helped to “get the beans out”.  Maybe our sedentary lifestyles, complete with video games, t.v., car-pools and heavy after-school programming has attributed to children being under-stimulated, both physically and emotionally.  After all, playing outside for hours on end not only encourages children to use their imaginations but also to be active.”

I enjoyed reading the post by Beth-Anne Jones. The article was concise and balanced and to the point. If anyone out there has any hyperactive kid, it’s probably NOT ADHD! (Maybe it’s just that kids should be that way.)

Anyway, enjoy reading.

Are There Really More ADHD Kids or Just A More Intolerant Education System?

The full story can be found here.

Second, from webnerhouse:

Thanks Be To The Hardy Boys

“Whatever the reason, the Hardy Boys got me in the habit of reading, and it is a habit that has lasted to this day.  For that, I am grateful to Franklin W. Dixon (and therefore all of the writers who created the imaginary world of the Hardy Boys under that durable pen name).”



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