Wacky Wednesday 110310

My beloved M maintains her own blog. It’s mostly a collection of dishes that she’d cooked and we’ve tried in the couple of years that we’ve been married. She only recently started it, so there’s only a few things on there, but we’ve a whole lifetime ahead of us, and that would translate into lots and lots of good meals. I thank God for giving me a wife who can cook, and who can cook well.

Though my wife is the “queen of the kitchen” (nothing derogatory about the term, so keep your britches on) yours truly is no stranger to cooking. Early on in our marriage, when I still had Mondays off, I’d volunteer to cook dinner. Since my specialty was more on the stir-fried side, Monday dinners back then were what I could mix around in the wok. Cooking with a wok was easy, and I had a trusty little cleaver (one knife for all cutting chores) to slice and dice with.  I must have done pretty well, since she’d take the leftovers and share them the next day with some of her officemates; they liked my cooking, according to M. Give me a wok and a cleaver and I’ll give you the whole world!

Bragging aside, I’ve (lately) come to the point in life when I take second looks at everything I’ve taken for granted. One of them was cooking. Cooking, I believe, is a task that anybody can do, but not everybody can do well. That’s why we have chefs on one extreme, and people like me on the opposite end. (Incidentally, it’s a lot like preaching–I believe anybody can open his or her mouth and say something a select group will listen to, but it takes the Holy Spirit and ample skill to be able to open God’s word and preach with conviction.)

I have to admit that, had things turned out differently, I might have given more time to cooking. I get a bit jealous whenever I see a chef doing his thing in the restaurants. (I know someone who used to work as an architect in the same company I did, and he’s now a practicing chef.) Right now, I’m satisfied with reading cookbooks by Alton Brown, Fu Pei Mei (the Taiwanese cooking legend), and Iron Chef Chen Kenichi, plus some other little gems my wife and I picked up here and there. If we had cable I’d probably stay tuned to the cooking channel.

I would love to have a full kitchen with complete set of utensils and paraphernalia. My wife shares the same dream. Maybe someday, when we have all that, I’ll start cooking more.



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