My Beloved M’s Blog

I think I mentioned before that my beloved M has her own blog. Below is her first ever entry, made last August:

“I think this will be mainly a food blog.  I have found a recent interest in cooking, so this would be a splendid way of keeping record.  I still have my recipe scrapbook, but this would be easier to maintain.  I think.”

Here are my observations. OK, I know the blog is only a few months old, but I don’t doubt that it will become more substantial in the future. There’s a whole world of food out there, and my beloved M is not exactly scared of trying out new things. Unlike me, who will never, ever eat shrimp past if my life depended on it. Or maybe crab. (OK maybe just the claws of the crab.)


  1. So far it has been mainly about food. 🙂 The entries are divided into two general categories: dishes she’s cooked at home, and dishes we’ve tried at various restaurants.
  2. Apropos the last phrase of No. 1, she also mentions different places we’ve been to. That means we need to a) either invest in a better mobile phone with a better built-in camera, or b) lug our point and shoot wherever we go.
  3. Apropos No. 2: I have a Nokia E63; she has a Sony Erickson…something. Lugging our camera around may not be a bad idea.
  4. She says she has found “a recent interest in cooking.” I love my wife dearly but she’s lost me here. Whatever it means (help me out here, sweetness?) my wife is an excellent cook.  Her officemates have tasted her dishes; they will confirm this.
  5. I’ve seen her recipe scrapbook, so I would agree that this is easier to maintain. But I hope that she doesn’t ditch the scrapbook. It’s like a photo album–you can upload pics on the web, but nothing beats holding pages in your hand.

See you all over there!



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