My Star Trek

One of the things which (I think) kind of annoys my beloved M is my fascination with Star Trek™ ® and things about Star Trek. Aside from the blatant atheism and humanism evident in the series, Star Trek as a whole is one “lightning in a bottle” phenomenon.

You might be thinking, “Why would you want to watch something that promotes atheism?” (Assuming you’re right and it does promote atheism…) the answer is another blog entry entirely.

Going back to the lightning in a bottle thing…I mean, let’s face it: Getting a TV show aired and maintaining its ratings is hard work. Do that for not just one but for five series, and not to mention the movies? (For the record, there’s The Original Series with Capt. James Kirk, The Next Generation with Capt. Picard, Deep Space Nine with Capt. Sisko, Voyager with Capt. Janeway, and Enterprise with Capt. Archer.) Nothing short of amazing!

People have asked me which series is my favorite. It depends but I guess hands down, it’s Kirk’s series. They were the original, the giant shoulders the other series stood on.  However there are things in the other series I prefer more. If anyone’s interested, here’s how they line up for me, depending on what we’re talking about:

Favorite uniform: Kirk’s movie era uniform, with the burgundy jackets and black trousers. I also like the uniforms on Enterprise. Most hated uniform: ironically, Kirk’s TOS uniforms and Picard’s first season pajamas.

Favorite bridge design: Kirk’s movie era Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Enterprise-A bridge. The TOS bridge is way too cramped, and Kirk’s Undiscovered Country bridge is impossible. Picard’s bridge? Too hotel like (hate those colors), same with Janeway’s.

Favorite captain: Kirk. Why? KHAAAAAAANNNN! KHAAAAAAAAANNNN! ’nuff said. Least favorite? Janeway. At least in the initial episodes. I have nothing against women, less so with women being captain. I just don’t like her voice. Very scratchy and irritating. Her acting as captain improved dramatically in the latter seasons, though. That’s one of the reasons the series ended well.

Favorite ship: You guessed it…Kirk’s movie Enterprise, with or without the letter A. Picard’s ship is just too darn big (forty plus decks!), and Janeway’s too uhm, curvy. What do I like about the Enterprise? See the pictures below. See the elegant shapes, the gracefulness… It’s almost like you want to go and ride in it. Least favorite? Janeway’s.

I don't own this graphic. Somebody else does.

I don't own this graphic. Somebody else does.


Addendum. I replaced the pictures with ones that had black backgrounds, so they’d fit better with the rest of the page.


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