Wacky Wednesday 112410

A couple of things for this week’s Wacky Wednesday post.

First, a snapshot of a certain school’s announcement board. I saw this announcement on my way home one day and I just had to take a picture of it. Sadly I didn’t have my camera with me, so I passed by again the next day. (This wasn’t my regular route.) Sadder still, I only remembered to bring a phone camera, so the resolution isn’t as clear as I wanted.

I intentionally altered the hue of the picture and blurred the name of the school (I don’t want to be sued) but overall the picture is still OK and the words are still readable. To make certain you get the idea behind my taking the picture, I have blown up a portion of it.

Maybe they ran out of letters to form the words "resumption."
© Dennis Eric Ohsan

Check out the announced activity under November 8. Maybe they ran out of letters and couldn’t spell out “resumption.” Or maybe their hiring new classes? Only in the Philippines, folks.

Next on the wacky list, a reply from one of my students during a recent exam. The question was, “Who did Paul study under?” Too many Star Wars viewings will do this to you.

© Dennis Eric Ohsan



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