Manic Monday, November the 29th

I wanted to write Moronic Monday, but powers that be have forbidden it. Instead, I’ll just opt for the title from the Bangles’ hit song. (That last sentence kind of puts me in the 80s, huh?) Anyway, what’s Manic about this Monday’s entry? Read on, and weep.

‘Tis the Season …for Atheist Ads?

Full story here.

My two cents: People who know me will agree that I’m a bit ambivalent about Christmas. That means that while I certainly am almost never in the mood to celebrate gift giving (yes that’s what Christmas really boils down to, doesn’t it?), I will respect the brother or sister in the Lord who will go out of his or her way to “remember the reason for the season.” It’s like putting God into evolution, but all my best wishes to them.

I don’t fully disagree with everything that the atheists are doing. They say that they are going for reason this season, but how far can reason really go? Are they arguing that Jesus wasn’t born? Since rationally, he was.

A few things to consider:

  1. It is possible that Jesus was born in December. It’s equally possible he wasn’t. So, in light of no Biblical support, we shouldn’t be dogmatic about Christmas (e.g., “You don’t celebrate Christmas? Are you sure you’re a Christian?”)
  2. Apropos point number 1 above, go here.
  3. Traditionally, the exchange of gifts we do during Christmas goes back to early practices based on the gifts brought by the Magi. They gave gifts to Christ, not to each other. Think about that.
  4. Give me a rational reason for engaging in Christmas celebrations, not the volatile emotional reasons. I don’t need anymore emotions.



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