Wacky Wednesday 120110 Why Twitter Is Evil (Tongue in Cheek)

Of course, Twitter isn’t necessarily evil. If the words in parentheses still doesn’t give you a clue regarding the nature of my post this morning… A gun isn’t evil. With a gun, you can either defend yourself against, say, a thief intent on looting your house and killing you and all the members of your family, OR you can murder someone in cold blood. Twitter can help people connect with each other, or as in the case below, help ruin someone’s life. The headline reads thus:

PDI Reporter Fears For Life Over Tim Yap Tweet

Reading the article, I’m not surprised at the trepidation that the article author must be feeling. Seven hundred million pesos is too much of a temptation. I won’t name you, sir, but I feel for you.   Some excerpts from the article:

Apparently, it was celebrity host Tim Yap who branded me the winner in his tweet a few hours earlier.

“Eto na, PCSO confirms one winner—his name is Miko Morelos. He gets to take home the P741.2M peso Grand Lotto 6/55 Jackpot! #magtagokana!” he said in his Twitter account (@iamtimyap Tim Yap)

The first thing that crossed my mind was how clueless Yap was on the subject. The PCSO does not disclose the identity of any winner for obvious security reasons.

What was appalling was the hundreds of people falling for the false information. They even set up a fan page on Facebook encouraging me to spend the money wisely, while not taking seriously the clarifications from the Inquirer Twitter account and “Mr. Bigshot socialite” (Yap) himself.

Yap continued with his tweets: “And guess what? Miko Morelos is on twitter! @mikomorelos I already sent a request. He protected his tweets already. #afraidforhislife,” @iamtimyap Tim Yap said.

He tried to clarify the matter when he tweeted: “Okay, ladies& gents excited about the winner of the lotto jackpot—I received reports that Miko Morelos is the Inquirer reporter who reported about the lotto. Not necessarily the winner. #sorrynacarriedawaylahat.”

I agree with the author when he says he finds the hashtags contentious bordering on the malicious. Right, like typing “#sorrynacarriedawaylahat” is going to make things easy for the poor guy.

So why is this under Wacky Wednesday? Not so much for the PDI reporter. He probably has his hands full right now. What’s wacky is best summarized by his closing words in the article: “What bothers me is how people take information at face value, without reading or even processing these bits to form a coherent thought. Is this a sign of the times that people aren’t thinking critically anymore? I hope not.”

That’s what’s wacky. That people really don’t think critically anymore. But nonetheless, they pretend to know everything and they’re being ignoramuses really shows. Check out the “exchange” below (from this article):

imGianAmp: his name is miko morelos around olongapo #bitterkasitalo #dearlottowinner balato nman kmi ni @sweetiejha :))

Chez_Kitron: PCSO name dropped Miko Morelos? ARE U KIDDIN MEE?!

karoljin: Ha-hunting-in ko yang Miko Morelos na yan!

Manomission: Napakaswerte naman ng Miko Morelos na yan! Hoy Congrats Miks! Sige ingat ka pards! lol! ;P

ehmjake: pcso has no record of the winner of 750m until he/she came to their office w/ d ticket. ur putting his life in danger.

dumpy roldan: ahh, so hindi naman pala si miko morelos ang nanalo sa grand lotto. ni-report lang niya. i wonder, humingi kaya siya ng balato?

sweet_sheeme: HAHAHA! seriously, poor miko morelos napagkamalan! natatawa ako sa mga tweets about him.

LADYisMADELAINE: read Tim Yap’s tweet. Funny dude. He announced the Miko Morelos was the lotto winner. Duh.

jeffreygaston: Miko moolah morelos!

iamaileen: Miko Morelos must be scared shitless right now… Tim Yap kasi, ayus-ayusin mo ang pagttweet. :))

The guy was mistakenly identified as a 700 million peso lotto winner in a land of thieves and cutthroats, who wouldn’t hesitate to uhm… cut his throat to get all that money, and all we get are smileys and “LOLs”? Wacky.  You think potential thieves are going to be dissuaded by a couple of emoticons?

To the PDI reporter, I hope you get through this. Ever thought of suing?


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