This Morning

Ever heard of the term, Random Thoughts?  I use it a lot here in my blog. On some mornings, thoughts just pop into my head for no apparent reason, and like Sherlock Holmes, I have to categorize them into little compartments like: For Later Use, Cute But Useless, Maybe Useful, etc. Sherlock for example, early in his career learns from Dr. Watson that the earth revolves around the sun. He instantly decides to “forget it” as the bit of information has no bearing on his work.

His exact words are: “What the deuce is it to me? You say that we go round the sun. If we went round the moon it would not make a pennyworth of difference to me or to my work.” At the time of the conversation, Watson still has no idea about Holmes’s line of work, so the latter’s utterance leaves him dumbfounded.

While driving to work this morning, the following random thoughts came into my head. They were immediately filed under “Things I Will Remember Until I Commit Them to the Blog Later This Morning.”

  1. Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics is good driving music. Christian songs are not. At least, not to me.
  2. Going a hundred kph along EDSA at six-thirty in the morning is not necessarily dangerous. It’s suicidal. Especially when you’re driving between two buses going at a hundred and twenty kph. AND right behind an owner-type jeep that’s going maybe ten kph. Man those things are really slow!
  3. I just realized why the “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” signs in Quezon City have different colored H’s and J’s. Mayor and vice-mayor. Subtle. Hope they paid for those things. If you don’t live in QC, you probably won’t get this one.
  4. “Didn’t they just fix this stretch of EDSA? So why is it full of potholes again?”
  5. Nice BMW SUV. Thank God for good designers and engineers.
  6. How come my Avanza doesn’t have a roof rack like that one over there? Or a running board? Or mag wheels? Still, thank you God for my vehicle.
  7. Travelling along McArthur Highway will increase your blood pressure by leaps and bounds. That’s because you’re mentally shuffling between feeling pity for the MMDA officers (“Mababait naman sila.”) and feeling murderous towards them (“You call that managing traffic?”)
  8. Tricycle and pedicab drivers who insist on driving along major thoroughfares should have their vehicles collected and destroyed. Likewise, tricycle and pedicab drivers who insist on driving along major thoroughfares should be destroyed. I was feeling particularly evil at this point.
  9. I really need to get the dent at the back of my car fixed. The thought that there’s a dent back there is driving me nuts. It’s like my car is not “even.”
  10. Ooh! Another case of a guy wearing a helmet while riding a scooter while the poor little girl hanging on for dear life behind him has her hair flying all over the place because someone was too cheap to buy an extra helmet.
  11. Will the school guard open the gate for me this time, or will I just slip right through the half-opening at the gates?
  12. I forgot to pay the photocopier at school again. What’s eighty times point six?
  13. Who’s speaking in chapel today?
  14. Check papers, check papers, check papers.



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