I chanced upon this book while browsing at National Book Store the other day. The title of the book is Bible Dictionary and the blurry print at the bottom reads:

FOR ALL CHRISTIANS: Catholic, Protestant, El Shaddai, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Born Again, Seventh-Day Adventist, Mormon, Aglipayan Church, Iglesia ni Cristo, Baptist, and others.

This book has been out for some time now. (I used my phone cam so the image is quite blurry.) You have to admit, if you think things through, the description at the bottom becomes redundant after the second or third word.

And Not So Funny…

I was almost late for work today because of traffic along MacArthur Highway. There’s an oxymoron of sorts right there. MacArthur Highway is a highway in name only. When you consider how narrow it has become, it’s more of a “byway,” but I digress. Anyway, the picture below should help explain things somewhat.

What happened was, tanker truck (A) had a breakdown while going north along MacArthur Highway. Because the truck ended up stalled in an odd angle along the road, the whole southbound side was blocked. You don’t see it in the picture, but there’re actually two tractors here. The first one, to which the tanker is attached, and a second one, to which the tanker will be attached, as soon as they detach the tanker from the first tractor. The north-bound side (C) has been converted into a two-lane road, an otherwise workable plan that is ruined by motorcycle guy (B) who should know better than to just watch what’s going on. Traffic flow is further slowed by (D), the MMDA officer, who is busy talking to his girlfriend instead of directing traffic, like telling (B) to get a move on.  Those ladies in white are nursing students who are waiting for a bus to take them south. The bus sadly, is only about fifty feet away, but will take another half-ah hour to get to where they are.

I took the shot while traffic was at a standstill, by the way. That’s my beret in the foreground.


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