Freaky Friday 121010, Part 2

Went on an ocular inspection last Monday with two of my colleagues. The faculty will be holding a retreat next year and we were asked to look at several places down south. Our target was Tagaytay. We went to several locations, and we ended up with a list of five venues: Development Academy of the Philippines, “Freebie,” Emiramona Hotel, Gerizim’s, and the International Institute for Rural Reconstruction. Emiramona was nice but might be too pricey. Same with DAP. Forget about Freebie.

I liked Gerizim but I found it too cramped. Their garden however was really great.

I noticed one particular plant while I was walking around. I thought it was a pitcher plant, until I got closer and saw that it was a Brugmansia Aurea or Golden Angel’s Trumpet. Or rather it was a dead flower from the plant. The particular shot above shows one dead flower, but it doesn’t show the three or four others a few inches away.

During the visit to IIRR, I noticed this little uhm… insect as I was on my way to the men’s room. It was between two trees and at first I thought it was just floating in mid-air until I saw strands of a spider’s web around him. (The camera doesn’t show the web, and makes it look as if the insect is hanging from nothing, except a little white “trail” at the lower left of the little critter.) Coolness.



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